May defends decision to strike Syria
Several dead after bridge collapse
Iranians mock ‘ridiculous’ Trump speech
NRA’s Vegas shooting response says it all
North Korea fires missile over Japan
New images point to North Korea’s undersea plot
S.Korean court to rule on Park's fate (AP)
Trump dismisses lawsuit against him (AAP)
One dead in Berlin Christmas market carnage
Valls to run for French president
Fidel Castro, Cuba's former president, dies aged 90
Trump wins West Virginia (AP)
The states won by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
'High possibility' North Korea conducted nuclear test: South Korea
Taliban leader believed killed in US airstrike
Deadly fire at Hindu temple after fireworks display goes wrong in India
Securency scandal: RBA subsidiary approved bribes for Nigerian officials, UK court told
The big names caught up in the Panama Papers scandal
Brussels explosions: several injured after multiple explosions rock Belgian capital: reports
Flydubai plane crash: no survivors after Flight FZ981 crashes in Russia
Hallowed leader's name apparently behind US student's jailing in North Korea
Kim Jong-un orders North Korea to boost nuclear attack capabilities
UN Security Council to vote on further North Korea sanctions
Donald Trump calls Pope Francis 'disgraceful'
Julie Bishop treads fine line on South China Sea photos
US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead: report
Nine killed, 100 injured in train collision in southern Germany
UN Security Council condemns North Korea after rocket launch
Putin 'probably' ordered KGB defector's death: inquiry
Best of the world - January 20, 2016